Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Home Ownership: The American Dream!

A lot of people talk about the monetary reasons to be a first time home buyer. They should, those are great reasons! (And don't forget the first time home buyer tax credits!) Home ownership is a great investment, no doubt about it. But today, lets talk about the great non-financial reasons! Those little things that make the “Rent vs. Buy” equation tip over to “BUY!” While these reasons won’t pad your pocketbook, they will help contribute to a general sense of happiness and considerable peace of mind…Which, is priceless!

You are Finally, a Responsible Adult!
Mom & Dad can’t accuse you of being an irresponsible slacker anymore! First time home ownership is a tremendous hurdle, and pretty much one of the biggies! Along with having kids and getting hitched, home ownership says “I’m a grown-up!”

My Stuff! Isn’t it nice?
When you rent, you’re basically a transient. You know you’re probably not going to be there forever, so you probably don’t take care of the place all too well. (Hello – Security Deposit). Your also not to keen on doing any unneeded repairs, or sinking any money into remodeling. But when you own the joint – it’s yours! You want it to look nice--you take pride in your home. From the furniture to the floors, including the appliances – this stuff is yours, and you will buy it and treat it well.

Being Neighborly
Renters sometimes try to avoid their neighbors. But home owners try to make long-standing relationships with their neighbors. Your neighbors will lend you tools, sugar, and a hand when you need it. They will watch your house when you go on vacation, and feed your cat when you have an emergency. Neighbors are in it together, they are a “family.”

Staying Put!
Most of us hate moving every year or so. It’s awful! And now you don’t have to – you get to stay here forever and ever! (or until it is time to upgrade, or move into a better school district). It's time to plunk down some roots, get cozy, and settle in for a long haul.

And finally….It’s All Yours!
It is that simple – it’s your home. You can do whatever you want with it (well under certain circumstances…). And frankly, that is the greatest reason. Home ownership is empowering, enlightening, and incredible. You will never, ever, regret it….

Rich Ferretti - ABR QSC Epro
Jamison Realty
Broker/Realtor, NC/SC

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