Sunday, November 22, 2009

Buying a Home? You Need an Agent!

So many people make the same mistake: Not using a real estate broker when buying a home.

I understand the theory - afterall, who wants to pay more on something when they don't have to? But here is the truth...a real estate agent's service is free for the buyer. The seller pays our commission. That is right! A real estate agent is FREE to the buyer. And with this free service comes a bunch of seriously VALUABLE benefits--things that may be priceless in the end, like honesty, experience and professionalism.

Home buyers who decide to do it on their own often do not realize they are NOT represented and actually trust the seller to give them all info they need. This is WRONG! So many times a seller and their agent (or just the seller if the home is For Sale by Owner), will gloss over or withhold information to the buyer. Whether this is intentional or not, the buyer is left to trust whatever the sellers tell them about the home, property, area, & neighborhood. The un-represented buyer does not have the benefit of an agent who knows the area, the school districts and the local vendors whom s/he could refer. The un-represented buyer does not have the access to the comparables for the neighborhood, or homes that are going to be, (but aren't yet) listed in their dream neighborhood. And an un-represented buyer does not have the experience of offering just the right price on the home.

There are several other great reasons for having a buyers agent, but I want to hear from you. Have you ever bought a house WITHOUT an agent and been sorry? Or, what do you think the best thing was that your buyers agent did for you when you were buying your home?

Let me know -- I would love to hear your stories.

--Rich Ferretti
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