Monday, March 15, 2010

Matthews: The Perfect Town!

North Carolina has some of the most gorgeous and wonderful towns and communities on all of the country. Our state is rich in history, and our people and neighborhoods reflect that history – with towns that feature family living, new world values, and unique opportunities for single, married, and retired folks. A favorite gem of ours is Matthews, NC. Never heard of it? Let us give you the 411!

Sitting happily between Charlotte and Monroe, the future town of Matthews was once beautiful woodland that was attractive to early settlers who found the earth perfect ground for farming. Farmers worked to clear the game-rich woodland, and cotton quickly took off as the crop to grow in the fertile area. The town quickly grew, and with growth came a post office, stage coach stop, and all the trappings of that pre-industrial world. In 1875, the town was officially dubbed Matthews Station, and the once tiny frontier became a real family enclave as it welcomed its first churches and railway stop. The “station” part of the name was dropped shortly before the turn of the century, and the town has been Matthews ever since.

The 1900s saw change and expansion in Matthews. Modern brick schools were built for the entire community, cotton gins sprung up, and banks and businesses prospered. Matthews's modern brick school opened in 1907. By 1926, electric service had come to Matthews and the forwarding thinking community embraced the concept. Like then, Matthews has always jumped at innovation, change, and new ideas. The town may seem like Mayberry, but don’t let the charm fool you. Matthews people are the stock that America was built on.

Today, Matthews's population is over 30,000, and the city limits now encompass 13 square miles. Even without stage coach service, Matthews features some world-class hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, recreational facilities and a top-tier hospital. In 1996, the National Register of Historic Places listed 10 downtown buildings in Matthews, reflecting the communities constant efforts to bridge the modern world with our nation’s remarkable history. While Matthews is a modern town, it’s a place were the past is respected and preserved.

Still, we could ramble on for hours about the charm and flavor of Matthews, but you should really see this remarkable place for yourself. Let us take you on a tour of Matthews, and show you some amazing properties that you and your family could soon be living in. Matthews has proven to be a favorite home for family-men, independent women, trailblazers, preachers, populists, and radicals for nearly 200 years. It’s a town that echoes the voice of the young while embracing the wisdom of the old. Let us show you this great place, and give you the opportunity to join in this wonderful choir!

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mint Hill Memories

As a Realtor, I have had the pleasure of being able to find great clients, great homes. And over time, I get the opportunity to really get to know who these people are and get to share in their lives. I would like to tell you a story, one which is really a composite of several recent customers, but it gives you a feel for the relationships which form when you are working with a me & the great folks at Jamison:

Rebecca was a young married mother, who’s husband worked in the financial sector in Charlotte. Her husband traveled a lot, and Rebecca and their two children were left alone for several days each week. Rebecca, born and bred in New England, was a bit wary of the new-to-her-family North Carolina, and she wanted a community with security and comfort. She was looking for a home that would provide them with leisure opportunities to enjoy their fleeting family time, but also allow her to properly raise her children.

Rebecca was not a difficult client, there are no difficult clients. The young woman was new to our beautiful state, and she needed to be shown options. We worked with her over several months, before we zoomed in on a beautiful Mint Hill neighborhood. Jackpot!

Rebecca quickly fell in love with Mint Hill. Overnight, we were able to show our client a sizeable cache of homes that she not only loved, but had a tough time choosing from! The Mint Hill neighborhood with it’s small town charm but cosmopolitan citizens has the perfect appeal to families.

Now Rebecca might occasionally get a little homesick for her former New England residence, but she’s made many new friends and found a welcoming neighborhood in Mint Hill. Her kids have embraced the many recreational options available, and her husband enjoys the quiet options he and his family have when he returns from his long business trip. Their beautiful home is perfectly situated for them to take advantage of some incredible life choices, and they couldn’t be happier. If this all sounds appealing to you – then maybe you need to call us tomorrow. We still have a few homes in Mint Hill that we’d love to show you. And I think Rebecca and her family are always looking for a few more friends and playmates!

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Discover Mint Hill Day

If you know someone who is considering a move to Mint Hill or wants to know more of about this growing community, well we have the event for you.

Discover Mint Hill Day is all set for Saturday, April 17th from 9 to 3.

Please visit the web site at and mark your calendars.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

What's happening in Mint Hill NC


This is an event you don't want to miss.

Discover Mint Hill is all about....well discovering Mint Hill NC and what makes it so darn nice....


Visit the web site and then mark your calendars--April 17th

Friday, March 5, 2010

A Taste of Mint (Mint Hill, NC)

Are you looking for that picture-perfect town to settle down and buy a home in? We think we have a contender for you. Mint Hill is a town in Mecklenburg and Union counties, on the outskirts of Charlotte, North Carolina. Incorporated March 11, 1971 with a population of just 2,284 residents, the town has enjoyed a steady growth to its current population of about 18,000.

This quaint little North Carolina town was first settled in 1750, and over the years its comfortable growth has built an immense community spirit and pride. Community and family are important to all Mint Hill residents. Mint Hill is an active and engaged populace, with citizens able to pick from a wide selection of churches and excellent schools. But that is not he only factor that makes Mint Hill an incredible town for families. This little hamlet also has some of the state’s best recreational facilities including private and public golf courses and country clubs.

While Mint Hill is primarily a residential community, it is gifted with a wonderful business district and shopping area. Mint Hill’s merchant’s and business owners are valued members of the community, providing great services at small town prices. Small business growth in Mint Hill is also on the rise – with new restaurants, bistros, stores, and services appearing every month. Small business owners will find a supportive town and a helpful community if they are interested in setting up shop!

But back to the family…Nearly half of the households in Mint Hill have kids under 18, and nearly 3/4 s of the town is married couples living together. These are great figures for traditional families, but Mint Hill isn’t just Donna Reed’s dream-come-true…Mint Hill is progressive and welcomes all types of families, non-traditional, mixed and modern. Mint Hill has programs for single residents and single-parents, and this non-judgemental community is supportive and happy to embrace people from different lifestyles and cultures.

Let’s talk money for a minute…The median income for a household in Mint Hill is over $60K, place in the community comfortably in the middle class. This is important to remember, when thinking of the cost-of-living in Mint Hill. It is an affordable town, with people who understand the joy’s of working-hard and hard-earned money.

I’m sure you’ve got a million more questions on Mint Hill. We encourage you to take a day trip to Mint Hill, ask us question, or begin to look at properties. Even in this less-than-stellar economy, Mint Hill’s fantastic bargains and lovely homes are going fast! Let’s make you a community member soon!

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Why We Live Where We Live…

When you pick a place to live, you need to find a proper balance. With economic conditions the way they are, we have to all sacrifice too much time to our career. So when you pick a place to lay down your roots, you are looking for a place that can balance your strenuous work-day with the enriching elements of your family life.

If you surveyed 1,000 residents from around the Charlotte area and asked them what factors they considered when deciding where to live, there is several points that always come up: safety, value of the housing dollar, and school quality are factors given the greatest weight. But maybe that's too simplified. To people - like businesses - "place" a great importance -- "location, location, location"... For individuals, they want a great community.

Now if you are looking for that kind of location, that kind of quality of life – we have to options for you: Mint Hill and Matthews. They are both favorites of ours, and over the next few weeks we will be giving you some narrative on why these towns are so special. If you can’t wait for our next blog posts – give us a call. We love crowing about both the small town of Mint Hill and the small city of Matthews. With our firm at your side, we can find the best fit for your needs – and you will soon be nestled into the perfect household Americana !
Tell us what's important to you!
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