Monday, March 15, 2010

Matthews: The Perfect Town!

North Carolina has some of the most gorgeous and wonderful towns and communities on all of the country. Our state is rich in history, and our people and neighborhoods reflect that history – with towns that feature family living, new world values, and unique opportunities for single, married, and retired folks. A favorite gem of ours is Matthews, NC. Never heard of it? Let us give you the 411!

Sitting happily between Charlotte and Monroe, the future town of Matthews was once beautiful woodland that was attractive to early settlers who found the earth perfect ground for farming. Farmers worked to clear the game-rich woodland, and cotton quickly took off as the crop to grow in the fertile area. The town quickly grew, and with growth came a post office, stage coach stop, and all the trappings of that pre-industrial world. In 1875, the town was officially dubbed Matthews Station, and the once tiny frontier became a real family enclave as it welcomed its first churches and railway stop. The “station” part of the name was dropped shortly before the turn of the century, and the town has been Matthews ever since.

The 1900s saw change and expansion in Matthews. Modern brick schools were built for the entire community, cotton gins sprung up, and banks and businesses prospered. Matthews's modern brick school opened in 1907. By 1926, electric service had come to Matthews and the forwarding thinking community embraced the concept. Like then, Matthews has always jumped at innovation, change, and new ideas. The town may seem like Mayberry, but don’t let the charm fool you. Matthews people are the stock that America was built on.

Today, Matthews's population is over 30,000, and the city limits now encompass 13 square miles. Even without stage coach service, Matthews features some world-class hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, recreational facilities and a top-tier hospital. In 1996, the National Register of Historic Places listed 10 downtown buildings in Matthews, reflecting the communities constant efforts to bridge the modern world with our nation’s remarkable history. While Matthews is a modern town, it’s a place were the past is respected and preserved.

Still, we could ramble on for hours about the charm and flavor of Matthews, but you should really see this remarkable place for yourself. Let us take you on a tour of Matthews, and show you some amazing properties that you and your family could soon be living in. Matthews has proven to be a favorite home for family-men, independent women, trailblazers, preachers, populists, and radicals for nearly 200 years. It’s a town that echoes the voice of the young while embracing the wisdom of the old. Let us show you this great place, and give you the opportunity to join in this wonderful choir!

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