Saturday, February 20, 2010

Home Inspection: A Must!

In most states in America, there are laws to protect the homebuyer. Usually you would assume sellers must disclose any defect they know that could affect the real market value of their property. But any buyer should not imply any warranties or conditions in the home before they sign a purchase contract. Professional real estate agents are obliged by their code of ethics to disclose any defects they know about, but this does not mean your Realtor will know if there are defects.

Even if you are very sure about the property you like, it is a MUST to make your purchase contract subject to a professional home inspection report. Home inspectors will usually be well worth the investment, giving you a comprehensive report on the state of the property as well as some idea of the possible repair costs involved.

Home inspectors will help you find any hidden problems, sometimes things the buyer honestly didn’t even know about…

1) The Roof
Your home inspector will be able to make sure it isn’t going to blow off during the next windstorm, or leak during the next downpour. Along with this, their trained eye will look for ceiling stains that might indicate leaks that you wouldn’t have seen…

2) Water: Pressure and Pipes
An inspector can be the perfect stand-in for a plumber. He can make sure your pressure is right, check to see that you aren’t drinking out of lead pipes, and generally ensure you will be able to take a shower after settlement.

3) Doors and windows
Are the doors hard to close? Do they swing open by themselves or fail to open fully? What are the locks like? Then your inspector will check the windows…Are the ancient and leaking your heated/cooled air like a sieve?

A good inspector will also pay close attention to the windows for weather seal, and whether any water stains have accumulated – a probable sign of water problems during heavy rains.

I don’t think we need to explain this one to you! But along with those nasty home destroyers, inspectors also have a keen eye for other pest or vermin infestation.

5) Odors
Let your inspectors be the nose that knows! Noxious odors like
Cigarette smoke and pet smells can be hard to get rid of – beyond a good dose of air freshener. If a home smells too clean -- heavy with the scent of cleaning products (especially bleach) or deodorizers – the seller may be trying to cover up a nasty odor – and that means trouble.

6) Electricity
Something often overlooked is whether the electric installation is up to proper standards. Whether the home is brand new or a historic relic, a qualified inspector will check your outlets and electric panel to ensure you will get the juice you need.

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