Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Charlotte NC and Mint Hill NC Real Estate-- Is your listing price realistic?

Ok, so the Charlotte NC and Mint Hill NC real estate markets are slowing starting to recover—that’s a good thing right?

If listing agents do their homework and price a listing to sell and at the right price then why don’t buyer agents explain the proper offering price? I totally understand that the buyer will pay a fair price for a home but why do they feel it’s their right to try and steal a home?

I can’t tell you the amount of times I have to deal with a seller who wants more money for their home then its worth. You have to look at the numbers…. Price the home right and it will sell at a fair market value.

This brings me to another point and I use this for all my listing presentations.

•    It’s NOT what you want
•    It’s NOT what you need
•    It has nothing to do with what you paid
•    It’s not what your friend suggests
•    It’s not the insurance replace cost.

It’s the buyer who will determine the market value of your house. The buyer along with a GOOD buyer agent will set the price. The buyer agent has to do their home work and educate the buyer. Otherwise, buyers will put out an offering that makes no sense and that’s where we are today. Too many ridiculous offers!

I once sold a home that I priced right on at market value. Shazam….the home sold in 2 days. Under Contract, full price in 2 days. Want to guess what the wife told me-----You under priced our home. Thankfully the husband disagreed and told her, No Honey he priced it right on…….

Let’s work together and make our profession one to be proud of!!!!!!!!

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