Thursday, July 10, 2008

Charlotte's Having a Property SALE

There is a lot of talk from the radio, TV and print news about the economy. The combination of the national mortgage crisis and the price of gas have families across the country looking to cut back, get a bargain, and make a good investment.

BUT--What I am not hearing is how great a sale we are having now! And we are having a real estate SALE.

With every downturn, there is an up-side.

The upside is that we have an opportunity as consumers and investors to get a discount. And who doesn't like to get a deal? With the market struggling in so many cities, Charlotte has taken heed and put its for-sale homes on discount as well.

Charlotte's economy is relatively strong and all indicators are that we will weather this storm just fine. But we are seeing very reasonable prices, nothing over-inflated, and all very fair. If you buy here you will get a good home, at a GREAT price, and in many cases we can find you one at an astronomical deal.

Sales are cause for celebration -- so all you bargain hunters out there... have you considered an investment property in Charlotte? How about a second home in a growing area, perhaps on the lake? Can you see yourself retiring to this warm and wonderful climate?

Property continues to be a sound investment. If you are looking for some great home-SALES, I would be happy to work with you to find the right property!

Rich Ferretti

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