Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Selling your home in Charlotte, NC

Dear Rich,

My husband and I are moving to the Ballantyne area from Uptown Charlotte. We know that this is a good time to buy -- and yet we obviously have to sell as well. Our home is in a desirable area and is a great home. But what can I do to get more people in, and have a higher chance of getting the old house sold so that we can seriously start looking at the available homes in Ballantyne.

Michelle in Uptown Charlotte (and hopefully soon... Ballantyne!)

Dear Michelle,

The real estate markets all over the country are going through a transition, and while the Charlotte market is strong, the days of quick sales and bidding wars pushing the price way up have past. If we look at thing realistically, homes are not selling as quickly as they have in recent years - good news for buyers (like you!) but bad news for sellers (like you!). But ultimately, homes still sell. Some go fast, and many will sell at prices that the sellers are happy with. There are of course ways you can give your house the best chance possible to sell quickly and close to your asking price. Here are a few ideas:

1) Clean and De-clutter. Less clutter in your home makes it look bigger, and cleaner. Go through your house and take away the garbage, junk and clutter--then go back through and put your off-season clothes in storage, (to make the closets look neat and big), and even consider removing some furniture if it is unnecessary.

2) Price it right. A home that is priced well above the neighborhood or above similar style and size homes will not sell quickly--maybe not at all! Your agent will work with you to get comparables and price the home right the first time.

3) Use a great real estate agent. A good real estate agent or broker can make all the difference in the world when we are in a "buyer's market." Hire an agent who knows the market, your area, and how to best advertise your property. It is perfectly acceptable to interview real estate agents and ask for references.

4) Fix it up! Interested buyers will ask for a home inspection. You’ll save time by getting a preliminary home inspection done and making repairs before your house goes on the market.

5) Be open to constructive criticism. Get feedback from potential buyers after a showing or open house. Accept negative comments openly, and as ideas for making your house more attractive at the next showing.

Best of luck finding a new home in the Ballantyne area, please do let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Rich Ferretti

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