Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Do I need a real estate agent if we build a home?

Dear Rich -

My wife and I are moving to the Charlotte area from Florida and we would like to build a new home. We have been up once before to check out the area and we would like to plan another trip within the next few weeks to look at neighborhoods. My question to you is if we are looking at buying a new house, is there any benefit to working through a real estate agent? Wouldn't it be more cost effective to work directly with the builder?

Thanks for your help on this--we have always bought pre-existing homes before and I want to make sure we make the right decision.

Bob - (Tampa transplant)

Dear Bob -

It is definitely in your best interest to have an agent when dealing building, or purchasing a new build home from a builder. Many times the buyers think they will get a better deal if they do not bring their own agent. Nothing could be further from the truth. While there are some differences in the transaction, there is much that is the same from buying from another owner: you need someone to look out for your best interests.

When you look at a planned or new development, the builder's salespeople will be very friendly and helpful. But remember, they work for the builder, and are being paid to sell you a house at the highest price they can get from you. A buyer's agent will know what can be negotiated, and give you an objective assessment of the neighborhood, homes, and construction. Additionally, a buyer's agent will be able to make sure the contract includes everything you want, and excludes any surprises. Remember, this is a 150K, 250K, 350K decision. You need professional representation from someone who understands this market, real estate and property contracts! This is an investment--so it is important to protect yourself--use a Buyer's Agent!

Best of luck with your move, and feel free to call my office ( 704-564-0807) and we can set up an appointment to go meet with some builders.

Would you like more information on new home purchases and why buyers should use an outside Realtor/Broker not the sales agent at the builder’s office? Email Rich Ferretti.

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