Saturday, September 4, 2010

Charlotte NC Property Values—Bringing in an appraiser.

All too often in the Charlotte NC Real Estate market, real estate agents and brokers are challenged regarding their Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) pricing qoute.

Understandibly, sometime sellers need a 2nd opinion…and that’s a good thng.

Often when this happens to me I offer to give my clients a 2nd opinion and call in an appraiser. Remember, lenders do not take the realtors' number, they use an appraiser.

When preparing a CMA I take all factors into consideration.

  • Location
  • Features
  • Conditions
  • Recent activity in the market

CMAs take time to construct and explaining how I arrived at a number is always frustrating to a seller who have another number in mind. The buyer always set the pricing…it’s the amount they will pay for a property.

Thinking of selling your Charlotte NC home? Call or email me for more information and I’d be glad to assist.

Rich Ferretti is a Charlotte NC Real Estate professional with over 24 years of experience and has been helping buy and sell properties focusing on true customer service..

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