Monday, June 14, 2010

Mint Hill Real Estate and Good Customer Service

No Matter what type of business you’re in you just can’t beat “Good Customer Service”. Here’s a great article to make sure you’re on top of your game. Whether you’re selling real estate in Mint Hill NC or providing dry goods…People want to be treated the right way.


Keeping Customers With Good Customer Service

RISMEDIA, June 10, 2010--Successful companies provide proactive customer service. Proactive customers service leads to increased business and loyalty. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.
Be a double checker
Customers appreciate it when a sales representative takes a minute to check on an item they've asked for. It lets them know they're being listened to and cared for.
Do something extra
Average service is about meeting the customer’s expectations. Great customer service is exceeding it. Give your customers more than they expect, and they'll return to do business with you.
Take the initiative
Offer several solutions to the customer's predicament. If one doesn't work, make sure you have multiple avenues to resolve their problems. This way, the customer knows you are trying your best to help them, and in the future will not hesitate to buy from you, since they'll know whatever problem they have, you'll be able to fix it.
Psychological Triggers To Target
Consumer's behavior is often consistent with their previous decisions. Therefore, if a customer says "yes" to an offer, make another offer that relates to the first.
• Determine the nature of the product so you can relate it to your prospect. Find which characteristics of your product have caught the prospect's interest.
• If your product has a flaw, don't avoid it. Bring the flaw into the open right away. This will make the negative feature less negative. Then concentrate on the benefits.
• Tell prospects a story concerning the product you are selling; this establishes a relationship while focusing their attention.
• Make them feel special. Offer an exclusive product to make your prospective customer feel like they will be the owner of something only a select few can have.
• Simplicity is key. The easier it is for a potential customer to make a choice, the more likely they are going to make it.
• Live up to your promises. Be as specific as you can in your copy. Be an authority on your product; this will further establish you as a credible source.
• Get customers actively involved in the buying process. Talk to them as if they already owned the product.

Rich Ferretti is a Mint Hill Realtor that lives the phrase Customer Service. You can see by his testimonials.

Rich Ferretti, Mint Hill NC

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