Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Home Repairs

Owning a home for the first time brings about a whole new slew of responsibilities, including home repairs. No longer will the friendly landlord provide basic home improvements, this time it is up to you. When looking for a new home to buy, it is a common to excuse certain aspects by thinking repair and remodeling is always a possibility. Before you start redesigning and gutting your home, here is a guide of common home improvement projects and the average cost.

Depending on what climate you are living in, roof repairs may be fairly infrequent. However, whether it's every five years or every twenty years, roof replacement is probably in your future. Roofs are extremely important for energy conservation and the main protection against the elements, but that doesn't mean they have to be without personality. Asphalt shingles are the least expensive, therefore are the most common. Removing old shingles can be $30-$60 per square (roofing is figured in "squares", which is 100 sq. ft.) and new asphalt shingles are $50-$150 per square. They may be cheaper, but they can come in fun colors and they are functional and durable. Next in price are metal and concrete tiles, which can range from $115 to $650, however these roofing materials can add a lot to the curb appeal of your home. Ceramic tiles are very modern, chic, and stylish and can cost $275-$500 per square and finally slate tiles are the most expensive because it takes great skill to install them. Slate tiles will cost $1000 per square, however they can also last up to fifty years.
Sooner or later, there will be a plumbing issue and unless you are or are friends are blessed as a very handy person, you will have to call a plumber. Plumbing issues are more common in older homes, but every home will eventually have issues because of basic wear and tear. Replacing a toilet, bathtub, shower or basin will range from $200 to $1500 as a base price. Replacing pipes for small homes will $2000 to $2500 and continue to rise in price the bigger the home and the more bathrooms there are. Remodeling or adding a bathroom can be pricey, but if you have the budget for it, it is also very rewarding. Remodeling an entire bathroom starts at the base price of $6000, and adding even a modest half bathroom will start out at $4000. Retiling a bathroom will cost $800-$2500.

In the summer months, it's hard to imagine living in a house without air conditioning. However, older homes may not have a central air conditioning system, which means this may be an added cost for you at purchase of the house. Adding central air conditioning onto an existing forced air system will cost $2000 to $3000. Adding a heat pump to a forced air system will cost about twice as much. Repairing or replacing any part on a central heating or air conditioning system will be the most common expense and will cost $1200 to $2000.

These are the most common repairs on a home, and when looking for a house to buy it is important to keep the cost of these repairs in mind. Ask questions about the plumbing and the roof. If the house is perfect except for the bathroom, maybe work your budget around to ensure you will be able to remodel. If the house hasn't had a roof replacement for 25 years, perhaps you need to forgo another project. Remember, asking questions is key and budgeting for repairs, especially unexpected repairs, will allow you peace of mind in the future.

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