Sunday, October 11, 2009

Home Ownership vs. Renting

Home ownership or renting a home? It is really the ultimate question. It’s a huge decision as both have benefits and disadvantages, and nobody should make the decision without thinking through all of them very, very carefully. Now, you can call me biased, but I honestly believe that the American dream of home ownership is still the best decision. But I'm not just simply repeating the company line, I have several solid reasons for you to give up that lease arrangement and move into your own home.

When you own a home, you:

-->Set your own rules! Freedom! No landlord to tell you what to do and when to do it! While you might have a home-owners association or condo association to deal with, this is your property – you can paint the walls any color you want! You have the freedom to do what you like in terms of renovating and decorating your home and gardens! If you haven’t been able to have a pet, homeownership will let you have as many critters as you want…(HOA rules permitting!)

-->Have a sense security… This is yours! Nobody can take it for you as long as you make your mortgage and tax payments!

-->Have the greatest investment! They don’t make land anymore, so you own a piece of something rare – that even with market corrections and contractions, will only appreciate in value.

-->Enjoy incredible rebates and deductions! Try writing off your rent – bet your accountant won’t let that happen…

-->Your mortgage payments are sometimes even lower than your rent! While you might face increasing rent payments, you are locked into a mortgage payment that you always know (with a fixed rate, of course!) …And the money isn’t paying off someone else’s mortgage – it is paying off YOURS. You are building equity in your home with each payment!

-->And if you ever need another loan again, you have made an incredible positive mark on your credit rating.

When it really comes down to it you have to make the decision for homeownership when the time is right for you.

Contact me, Rich Ferretti to discuss how you can fulfil your dream of home ownership today! I am here to provide you with as much information and help as possible.

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