Monday, October 12, 2009

The Economy….It’s getting better!

Consumer confidence is back to its highest level since January 2008, according to a recent University of Michigan survey. The stock market has been up more then down, and our friends at the Federal Reserve have declared that “economic activity has picked up following a severe downturn”

While many of our countrymen are still out of work and suffering from the past years’ terrible economic setbacks, a growing number of businesses and banks are finding that the darkness is almost over and we are getting closer to the dawn.

As consumer confidence grows, and people are spending more money – we will see manufacturing bounce back. With manufacturing jobs, one of the big issues is that inventories are low and must be brought up to higher levels – meaning some industries will see a desperate need for more manpower and employees. Exports are up which is also indicative that our pals in Europe are doing better too.

Along with the fantastic rebate for first-time home-buyers, other government stimulus plans have been helpful as well. The ‘cash for clunkers’ program certainly worked well for portions of the auto industry. All in all, people are starting to make money, spend money, and invest money again.

Consider this the prefect time to make a move- whether it is your first property, a new home, or some investment real estate. There is plenty of great opportunities out there for a savvy buyer, and we can help you find them.


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