Saturday, May 23, 2009

Is Home Ownership For You?

Are you considering taking advantage of this buyer's market by becoming a homeowner in Mint Hill or Matthews?

Buying a home is the largest purchase most people will ever make. Home ownership has great benefits, and it also comes with certain responsibilities. Are you ready for home ownership?
Look at your current situation and determine if:

-->You have a steady, reliable source of income and a steady employment history for at least two years. Freelancers, consultants and other self-employed people should talk to a mortgage broker to work out the details.

-->You have a credit history--and a decent credit score. Banks need to know that you have a proven track record of borrowing money and paying it back.

-->Your total debt is manageable and you can afford to take on the costs associated with home ownership. Nobody wants to see a potential buyer default. It is great to shoot for the moon, but plan your purchase according to your wallet.

-->You have money saved for a down payment and closing costs or you have access to other sources of funds, such as an employment bonus, tax refund, or a gift from a relative.

And remember, the mortgage is not the only expense you need to consider. Your new home comes with other potential budget items such as repairs, maintenance, taxes, landscaping, etc.

Home ownership is an investment in the future, and I don't think there is any better investment right now than a house in Mint Hill or Matthews. Mint Hill and Matthews are popular, affluent towns near Charlotte, NC. Currently selling at amazing prices, a home in Mint Hill or Matthews will likely have a good resale value in the future. With a selection new and existing homes, these areas are perfect for retirees, young people, or a family, and the quick drive to Charlotte makes it perfect for a commute.

If you would like to consider home ownership in Mint Hill or Matthews, please give me a call at 704-846-3663. There are currently incentives for first-time homeowners and record low interest rates to take advantage of, so call today!

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