Thursday, July 1, 2010

Renting versus Home Ownership in Charlotte

Renting versus Home Ownership

Which are you doing?

Are you a home owner, or are you a renter?

Both have benefits and disadvantages, and nobody should make the decision without thinking through all of them. Let’s look at some of the pros and the cons…

Home Ownership: Pros

• Well, it is yours! You own it! No landlord to tell you what to do and when to do it! While you might have a home-owner’s association or condo association to deal with, this is your property – to do with what you want. Pets? Sure! People in an out? Yup! Paint the ceiling? Why not!

• Ownership gives you a sense of security… This home is yours! Nobody can take it for you as long as you keep up the payments. You are the king of your castle! Do with it, as you will!

• A great investment, one that should appreciate in value and serve your hard-earned money. Land, and real estate, is almost always a solid return on your hard-earned greenbacks.

• Taxes benefits! Let’s say it again, TAX BENEFITS! Home ownership usually leads to some healthy love from Uncle Sam!

• If you ever need another loan again, you have made an incredible positive mark on your credit rating. Plus, equity in your home helps you get a line of credit when you need it!

Renting: Pros

• Freedom! Freedom! A mortgage, and a home, can tie you to a town or city for a long time. If you rent, you can pick-up and leave whenever your lease is up! In these trying economic times, that is sometimes crucial when looking for work!

• Responsibility – or lack of it! The roof leaking is not your problem. Major snowfall, no need to shovel. Your landlord or property management agency are better then your parents!

• Options are always unlimited! Rental properties can come in all kinds of shapes and seizes, and be in locations all over the place. You might not be able to buy a beach home, but I bet you can rent one!

• You get what you pay for…. We encourage people to think of real estate as an investment, but like any investment – sometimes even the most solid investment can go BAD! It happens, occasionally. Renting allows you to never worry if the neighborhood is going to go bad or they will build a toxic waist dump next to your family’s duplex!

Some of these pros might sound like cons to you. Some of these pros might seem appealing to you. Depending which you are geared towards – you now have a clearer idea of whether renting or owning is ideal for you. And remember, it isn’t a life-time commitment with either. We can buy, rent, sell, own, and rent again all in the space of our long lives. Each option gives you some interesting potentials – you just have to figure out which one works for you at what time….

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