Monday, February 16, 2009

Pointers for Purchasing a House that Will Maintain Value

Dear Rich –

We are relocating to the Carolinas and are looking at different communities in which to buy. We’re unfamiliar with the region and want to make sure our house holds (and hopefully increases in) value. What should we be looking for to make sure we’re making a good investment?

The Aldens

Dear Aldens,

When you buy any home, the first thing to consider is whether it suits your taste, your needs and your budget, and whether you love the feel of the community. Buying a house for investment purposes alone is a mistake, unless it’s exclusively an investment and you don’t intend to live there.

With that said, some points to consider are:

-->Whether or not you have children in school, be sure the schools are academically sound;
-->All houses in the neighborhood should be well-maintained. Houses that are in disrepair bring down the value of the neighborhood
-->Don’t be tempted to purchase the biggest, most expensive house on the block.
-->Consider the location. Is it in a desirable community?
-->Look for a house on a street where you’re not backing on to a high traffic thoroughfare and parents wouldn’t fear having children play in the yard.
-->Are there highways, an airport or factory very close by that produce noise or pollution?
-->Are there highways close enough to provide easy access for commuters?
-->Are there nearby amenities, such as a post office, supermarkets, drug stores, a park and malls?
-->How are the taxes compared to comparable nearby communities?
-->Are the services covered by the taxes comparable to nearby communities also?

If the house you want to purchase adheres to these guidelines, and especially purchasing now when values are low, your house should maintain and probably increase in value, depending on how long you live there.

At Jamison, we serve families relocating to the Carolinas all the time and would be happy to help find your dream home here. Please give our relocation office a call at 704-846-3663 or

Best regards,
Rich Ferretti

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