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If you are following 'the herd mentality' and living your life the same way as every other 'good citizen' according to traditional and institutional norms, you are being set up to take a fall.

What happens when the debt bubble bursts? Will you survive your debt load if you have any interruptions in your income? Even if you have low debt and a strong net worth, will your employer or business survive the economic crisis to follow? Are you ready for the worst with a plan not only survive but to thrive among potential worldwide chaos?

You need a plan that steps outside of traditional norms to create a paradigm shift in your thinking, to bring you opportunities which your corner broker or advisor has never conceived, let alone offered you. Above all, you need exceptional results for extraordinary times.

Your Queen Shoals, LLC consultant can help you devise such a plan on a customized basis.

In the traditional economy, local companies used to compete for your business.

In the global economy, nations are now competing for your business and offering some substantial incentives to get your attention!

Either you or one of your neighbor's jobs has likely been 'outsourced' and shipped offshore. Who benefits, you or the company leaving you in the dust?

There is only one reason for anyone to 'bite that dust' and limit their options to strictly those available with the local traditional institutions or brokerage houses and that reason would be simply a blatant ignorance of better options. We have been taught to think inside the box or to have tunnel vision.

Your 'patriotic duty' is to take care of your family using the best means available. Strong families make for a strong society. From these strong grass roots, societies can thrive. And only from a position of strength, can you truly be able to help yourself or others.

Why would you sacrifice your family's future to support the corporate stockholders of 'First American Bank' and brokerage house? With your own success you could create more prosperity for yourself and your family? That's your patriotic duty: create prosperity for yourself, and share your 'secrets' with those who would follow your steps whenever possible.
Queen Shoals, LLC has benefited from strong oversight and accountability with fewer regulations and restrictions, lower expenses, more streamlined management and higher profitability. What would you think that might mean for the clients of this firm?

Finding Extra Money
How do I find the funds to start my a plan not only survive but to thrive among potential worldwide chaos?
Most people have unproductive assets, which are underutilized. To accelerate the achievement of your goals and objectives you need to put every available soldier on the battlefield to fight for your security and comfort!

Here are just a few ideas:

Home Equity:

How much or how many dollars is the equity in your home making for you every year other than appreciation? What if you could pull $10,000 - $100,000 in equity from your home and it cost you 8% per year and you could put those funds to work safely and earn 12% to 20% in the same time period?

Cash Value Insurance:

What is the cash value in your life insurance doing for you? Not much of anything I’m sure? Cash in the policy (if you can replace it with term) and put that money to work. Once you have enough of a net worth, you won't need insurance anyway! You will be self-insured.

Business Assets:

Stop and figure the net asset value of your business. Then figure the net profit per year. Then
subtract the value of the labor you are putting in to come up with a real profit figure a not just a salary exchange for your time. With this, figure the net % return net asset value that your business is generating. Then look at what some alternatives can do for you. You then must determine where these assets will work harder you, and you work less for them! It may lead you to a drastic paradigm shift, your outlook on life, but then you are seeking drastic results aren't you?

Qualified Retirement Plans:

If you have done any planning at all, you likely have an IRA, SEP some tax-deferred savings set aside somewhere. How have those been performing for you? What if we could show you a way to legally redirect, with no tax consequences or penalties, those assets for a much more profitable growth? This growth will increase your retirement income for you.

Your Time, Skill and Intellect:

Whether you have any of the above assets or not, you have your time, skill and intellect. Your assets are what your personal skills and talents generate for you? Do you have the proper environment to do what you love, to excel at it, to profit off it and have the freedom to work when and where you please? We can show you how you can accomplish it in a very short time. You may be in the position where we just have flat out generate more cash to meet your needs. We have a professional and rewarding solution for you.

No matter what your age, Queen Shoals, LLC has a plan for you. Whether you are nearing retirement and aren't properly prepared, or you are just starting your career and don't see yourself working in a cubicle for the next 40 years! Here are some typical scenarios. See if you can relate to any of them no matter what your age bracket;
In your 20s
• You have graduated from school. Congratulations! Sorry to say, your schooling has not yet begun. You have learned 'maybe' enough to get a job and survive but being nothing more than a cog in the corporate wheel will create a life of abject dependence for you. Now you have to start learning what they don't teach in any school, how to rise above the herd and make your mark. Put your energy into what Queen Shoals, LLC has in store for you and you'll be able to retire in a couple short years. Then, what you do with your life is completely up to you!

In your 30s
• You may now have family obligations and considerations. The status quo may be covering your needs all right, but you're not even close to your 'wants' and your future obligations with family are mounting along with your debt. Your lifestyle requires two incomes and this creates more stress than you need trying to cover all the bases. You still have time on your side and could use an effective, more aggressive plan which allows you to provide for the family, allow one (or both) of you to stay home, turbo charge your income and savings rate so that your 'Present' is a higher quality of life and your 'Future' is more secure with very achievable goals and objectives now in sight in the near term.

In your 40s
• Your career or business might be doing fine (or it might not) but you find yourself working harder and gaining only marginally. You should have more to show for your hard work than you do and your (traditional) working career is already half over. You could use a boost. With the right plan Queen Shoals, LLC might be able to show you how you might still retire early!

In your 50s
• You may have done very well for yourself in your business or career and have built up a nice portfolio with some good equity. The problem is that your traditional investment advisors aren't getting you the results you need. You're open to alternative ideas to take more control of your finances, or you may have enjoyed life but have neglected your finances and retirement age is right around the corner and is staring you in the face. What's your plan? You are in trouble and definitely need the Queen Shoals, LLC.

In your 60s or above
You've got a nice nest egg. That's not the problem. The problem is: You're too healthy and vivacious! You're afraid you'll outlive your savings. You need to make it work harder for you. We can help.
No matter what your age or situation, Queen Shoals, LLC is able to help and teach you how to start getting immediate results, which only grow over time. Talk with us now.

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