Friday, May 16, 2008

Mint Hill home needs updates

Dear Rich,
Our house in Mint Hill has been on the market about 30 days. We are confident that it will sell soon, but we are getting feedback that the house looks “dated.”

Do you have any ideas on how to modernize the house without going overboard? We don’t mind making a few purchases to stage the house or give it that more contemporary look, but we also don’t want to spend our down-payment money on trying to get this house sold.

We are just looking at some first-line ideas to give the house a fresh, (and inexpensive) face-lift.

Marianne M.
Mint Hill
Charlotte, NC

Dear Marianne -

Finding an easy and inexpensive way to giving a room a more modern look is not hard. For less than $100, you can completely transform the look of a room—all you need is a weekend and a screwdriver!

Prospective buyers may make a judgment on your house if you haven’t taken the time to modernize—and that is to your detriment. While it may be just as easy for the new owner to do this things, it is always a good idea to do the work yourself if you can. I have seen buyers walk away from a perfectly good house, just because of decor or the fixtures--it just makes the house look "old" - and no one likes "old".

So here is what I recommend: If you have already put a fresh coat of paint up, and decluttered then consider some new fixtures.

New drawer handles or knobs can cost little as $2 each—less even if you buy them in packs. So check your bathrooms, kitchen, built-ins, etc. for places you can update. Remember to keep it simple. Clean lines, and simplicity sell.

And while you are at it, check the sink and bathroom faucets, sinks and toilets. These may be another easy update that will keep buyers interested. In my experience, you will always make your money back (and sometimes then some…) on updates to kitchen and bathrooms! So think of it as an investment. Feeling especially handy? You might also try updating any ceiling-mount light fixtures or doorknobs—but again, keep it simple!

Rich Ferretti
Buyer's Agent - Charlotte

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Rich Ferretti Charlotte NC said...

What is your advice for selling our home in this market? We live in Mint Hill and have seen your name and signs around town. I've contacted 2 other firms and wanted your opinion as well.

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